Friday, June 18, 2010

This is core, strength and balance.

Remember how page 159 was "A school" and I got to pretend that I was a teacher and create a school full of things I would teach about?
Well This is Not a Book has come to life!.... kinda.

But, as I said in the last post, one of my new jobs is a gym group exercise instructor! This is something I have always wanted to do, because its fun, you help people, and you get to exercise at the same time! And now I get to teach 1 class a week (and might be teaching 2 once I get back from vacation in July).
I get to make up my own workouts, put together my own music, and design the class in any way that I want to. Which is sick.

The class that I am currently teaching is called "Core, Strength and Balance." Which basically sums up everything exercise-related. So I can basically do whatever I want in this class!

I've taught 2 classes so far, and although its nice to have some sort of routine, I tried to do different exercises in both so that people don't get bored and get a wide variety of exercises to learn. I want to put in more time to the class and really make up full routines that match the music and do research about the areas of the body and muscles that I am training...but I don't have the time! So for now I am just winging it...going off of my general knowledge from being an athlete for my entire life. Which has worked well so far. But I do plan on putting more effort into it and being a fully knowledgeable, helpful teacher and getting everybody in the best shape of their lives! While obviously having fun at the same time. Cuz you know me, I'm all about having fun :P

So for anybody in Amherst with a membership to the Recreation Center: Come to my class! Every Wednesday from 3-400 pm (minus next week when Im in Finland) and I promise to improve your core, your strength, and your balance like nobody ever has before ;)

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