Friday, February 26, 2010

this is a really short rather pointless post! Hey, its friday!

The postcard was removed from my mailbox. Hence, it is en route. (cross your fingers!)

And my friend found a link for me with a whole bunch of palindromes! (Palindromes were a part of my scavenger hunt on page 33 for those of you are are like "why the heck do I want to read a list full of palindromes?!") I really could have used it back then. And so, in case you ever need to find a palindrome in the near future, I have already conveniently provided them for you. You're welcome.

They're funny. check em out:
My personal favorite: Go hang a salami. Im a lasagna hog.
Next time somebody says something snooty Im gonna be like "oh just go hang a salami!"
They'll be like "wwwhat?"
And I'll be like "yeah. Im a lasagna hog."
If you don't get it, it's not you... its me.

Monday, February 22, 2010

this is mail time mail time mail timeeeeee

Remember how I said a few weeks ago that despite what the book told me to do, I couldn't actually use it as an excuse to avoid things ...? Screw that. I am totally using this as my excuse to avoid studying right now. And I am enjoying every second of it :)

So page 150 is also "not a book." In fact, it is mail. Page 150 is a postcard. Have you ever made your own postcard? I never even thought about it. The book told me that all I have to do is glue the page to cardboard and send it out as mail! But I was a bit nervous ... U.S. mail can be pretty picky. Remember all those anthrax scares? Mail delivery became some sort of terrorist threat! And the whole system was shut down and all the innocent citizens didn't get their mail. Bills were overdue, pen pals lost touch and everybody was scared to open a letter because they feared for their lives.

I didn't want to risk any of this.

So I did what any curiously intelligent young female who wants to do the right thing would do ... I googled it. Wikipedia. eHow. You tube (that one was unsuccessful).

Turns out I was right. There are a few guidelines as to sending a postcard:
It has to be rectangular and no smaller than 3.5 inches tall, 5 inches long, and 0.0007 inches thick. But it can be NO larger than 4.5 inches tall, 6 inches long and 0.016 inches thick. No worries guys, I whipped out my ruler and made my postcard U.S. mail appropriate.

And just some fun facts here: The post card was patented in 1861 by John P. Charlton of Philadelphia. He did it because he was looking for an easier way to send mail. (I suppose at the time envelopes were difficult because they didn't have the cool sticky ones or licking ones that we have now...) AND the U.S. Post Office was the only company allowed to print and mail post cards until 1898; at which time Congress passed the Private Mailing Card Act which said it was okay for private companies to also sell and send postcards.
So this is good and bad for me. Good because I know its okay for other people other than the Post Office to send postcards ... bad because I'm not a company...I am an individual person trying to send a handmade postcard. But ehhh what the heck, I'm gonna send it anyway and see what happens!

I sent it to my sister Kristen in North Carolina. I did this because...well, she reads my blog and North Carolina seems cool. Also because I sent her a chain letter (which was page 37) and I don't know where it ever went. I know it went to North Carolina to see her and then to California to see her friend ... and then I never heard from it again :(

I figured that would happen. People seem to find chain letters a nuisance. But I thought mine was special.
I really though it would succeed and last until the end of time. But as the days continue and I hear no response, I'm afraid my chain letter may have just vanished into thin air ...

I hope that my homemade postcard makes it. And if it doesn't then I will buy a real postcard and send that. Because I've decided post cards are fun and I like them.

If this works, I will definitely be making my own post cards more often because you get to put whatever pretty picture that you want on the front of it! It's a fun craft. I'll keep you updated on its arrival (or not) to NC; and when it does I'll host a craft night at my house and teach everybody how to make fun homemade postcards properly so that you aren't accused of being a terrorist.

p.s. the title of this post is after the Blues Clues song "Mail time Mail time Maaail timeeeeee. Here's the mail it never fails it makes me want to wag my tail. When it comes I wanna wail MAIIIIILLLLLLL"

Monday, February 15, 2010

This is a Valentine's Celebration

Okay so it was Valentines Day and me and my roommates wanted to be surrounded by our loving friends ... so we hosted a valentines day party! And amazingly page 138 was my chance to create a celebration! Directions were to
1. Come up with a theme
2. Make a festive dish or dessert
3. Wear a special outfit
4. Play music i like
5. Decorate

Mission complete! Technically we were totally planning on having a Valentines party, with or without page 138 ... but sometimes life just works out perfectly that way.

Theme: Love. obviously.
Festive dish: Oh my goodness ... me and my roommates played Betty Crocker hostesses all day and made so much food! Meatballs, pita chips, dips, cupcakes, cookies up the ying yang, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered strawberries ... chocolate chocolate chocolate. A Valentine's feast indeed.
Special Outfit: I wore pink tights. That's pretty special.
Music: Love songs
Decorations: So tacky, but oh so beautiful for valentines day =)

In addition, page 89 was a guest registry. So I left out my (not a) book for everybody to sign it and leave comments while at the party. When I look at it,it just makes me smile :) My friends are not only interested in what I do and very caring, but they're also cute as heck and hilarious. I got some very loving messages, and some very graphic ones as well (I would expect nothing less out of my friends). And all the comments were most appreciated! (Even the naked drawing).

I felt a little bad that we only invited a select few people, but it was a Sunday night and all. And even though I wish we could always invite everybody we know ... the truth is that Valentines Day is supposed to be a special day, dedicated to showing people you truly care about them. So this was our special way to let our closest friends know we care. I hope you had fun, and if you missed out, then you will be invited to the next party!

Honestly, I had such a blast getting ready for it and preparing for it. It totally gave me something to do; a point to my day. Instead of sitting around saying "It's Valentines Day and I don't have a special somebody" ... I spent all day with 25 special somebodies. What could be better than that?! And I had so much fun making the day as special as I could for them, that just their presence was enough for me. I think this was my most favorite Valentines Day ever. Seriously. There was love all around.

Pictures posted for proof. If you ever need a personal party planner, you know who to call ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is a day in the life of Lindsey

Upon waking up to a really busy or stressful day, have you ever caught yourself thinking "Just get through the day." As if, once the day is over and the sun sets, your life will be better. But isn't it sad to think that your life would be better once the day is over? Because isn't that what life is....? Living the days we are given? And if you are just going through the motions, waiting for it to pass, then you're missing out on living.

No pointing fingers here, I do it too! Actually over the last few months I've been a bad girl. I've been saying things like "Just get through the week" or even "Just get through the next 6 months!"
That's how bad I was planning on life being. So bad that I'd rather just skip over the next few months and suddenly wake up to it being June ... and life would be better then.

Well, I'm glad that I didn't do this. I'm glad that I didn't use my magical time traveling powers (which I obviously have) to plummet myself into the summer. Because as it turns out, the days aren't being as bad as I had thought. In fact, lately I've been having some great days. Days that as I'm going to bed at night I think in my head "I had a good day."

These days don't have to be anything extraordinary, they don't necessarily have to be fun. They could revolve around one thing or many things ... its just a day where everything was okay. And in my world, if everything is okay, then life is good. (like the t-shirts!)

Page 124 was A MOMENT IN TIME, a day that would never happen again.
I recorded it for my own memory of what a good day is. And of course, so that you all could experience a day in the life on Lindsey:

Wednesday February 10, 2010
I woke up at 7:45 with a text from my friend saying "SNOW DAY". But then I looked out my window, and there was NO snow! I obviously didn't believe her so I went online to verify.But she told the truth...UMass was closed due to snowy weather predictions! I slept an extra 45 minutes then woke up an enjoyed my cup of hazelnut coffee while watching Regis and Kelly. I ate breakfast, did some reading for Kinesiology. Talked to my mom on the phone. Then I drove to practice where I got to pole vault for the next two hours! I only got to go from 4 steps, (which is not a full run) but it was still productive and fun because since it was a snow day the whole team was there together! I remembered to have a good block leg so I got upside down a lot better than I normally do. I was sore all day, so I sucked it up after practice and went down to the trainers and took an ice bath (which was absurdly cold at about 39 degrees). I put some hot water in it, because 39 is just far far far too cold for me! But after a few minutes my legs were numb anyway so I guess it didn't matter. I came home and prepared an apple-rice salad and took a shower. I went out and did laundry and a bit of grocery shopping ... at this point it JUST started snowing, so don't worry, it was still safe to drive. At night I went to Yoga. It was a really relaxing class. Came home (still hardly snowing!) ate my apple-rice salad and tea and watched Ella Enchanted with Erinn. At 10:00 I wrote this documentation of my day, then finished one quick homework assignment due for class tomorrow. I went on facebook for a solid half hour and chatted with some friends. Then I read a few chapters of my Jodi Picoult book and went to bed at 12... But I didn't fall asleep until I took a sleeping pill some time after 1:30...but I can't say that ruined my day because at that point it was the next day!!

Im glad I documented this day because it was good, and now I can remember it. It doesn't take much for it to be a good day... A few friends, some physical activity, a little bit of productivity, a phone call from home, food and sleep. Thats all I really need I guess.

Hope you all enjoyed my snow day ;)

Monday, February 8, 2010

This is what I own

Page 136 is an inventory of the items I own.

Computer 1
Printer 1
Lamps 3
Cell phone 1
Phone charger 1
Hair straightener 1
Hairdryer 1

Desks 2
End tables 3
Chairs 2
Dresser 1
Chest 1
Trash can 1

Candles 9
Picture frames 10
Books 9
Textbooks 11
Journals 6
Notebooks 5
Folders 4
Clipboards 2
Sharpie’s 20

Bath towels 3
Bath robe 1
Shoes 21
Jeans 9
Corduroys 2
Sweatshirts 10
Athletic pants 11
Jackets 4
Shirts ughhh do I have to count? A lot
Shorts ….I don’t want to count these either. A lot

Bags 8
Bandannas 6
Hats 4
Gloves 5
Scarves 4

Wallets 2
Sunglasses 2
Headbands 3
Hair clips 6
perfume 2
jewelry box 1
jewelry ... as many that fit into my jewelry box

Keys 4
Track numbers 19
Pillows 2
Stuffed animals 2
total things: over 226

Clearly I own a lot more things, but inventory is brutal! I really just don't want to do it anymore.
But in the end all we really need to know here is:

Total things I own that are not books, do not say the word "book" in it or on it, and do not claim to be a book:
Books, textbooks, notebooks, anything that appears to have some sort of binding and writing and book-like features:
Things that look and appear just like a book, just like the other 31, but for some reason self-proclaims itself to NOT be a book:

...I just may never understand. Maybe nobody ever will.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is a view I couldn't have seen without you.

I used to get frustrated with people who just sat back and watched life go on around them. I'd think to myself "Why don't they get off their butts and actually live life instead of just watching it go by them!" And I was always the person who took up the any opportunity to get up and do something just to make sure I wasn't that person sitting back and watching.
...But oddly, lately ... I like to watch.
Its peaceful.

As I am learning recently, there are many different ways to look at life.
I don't know which way is right.
And although the past few days I've probably been sitting on my butt too much, and probably should start to "live" again, I don't think its necessarily wrong anymore.
I understand why people sit and watch now. They get to watch life without having an effect on it. Without it affecting them. It's kind of relaxing to just drift off for a bit and let life continue on while you take a break.

So right now I have the opportunity to sit and look (out of a fake window which I cut out of page 122). And look at ANY view that I want.

I decided, I just want to look at the sun.
It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
And page 122 is quite convenient because its 9:28 Tuesday night in January ... and of course, the sun isn't out. So if I looked out of a REAL window, I wouldn't be able to see the sun. But thanks to NOT a Book, I can do anything I want.

I'm looking at the sun through my window.