Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This is the best birthday gift everrrrr

Happy Birthday Brian Tino!

What do I do when its my friends birthday?
I give him a silly note written in code and send him on a mission to figure it out and confuse the heck out of him! Duh!
It is clearly the only reasonable way to celebrate a birthday and show somebody that you truly care and appreciate them.

But seriously, it is my friends 21st birthday (Woo!). And in the fall when I was on a scavenger hunt for This is NOT a Book, one of the items on my list was a "secret code." And one night I looked in our mailbox, and there was a note written in some hieroglyphic-like code. A secret code! Me and my roommates de-coded it and discovered that my friend Brian wrote it for me since he knew I needed it for my scavenger hunt. Awww how sweet!

So one of my most recent pages actually instructed me to write a message with a secret code and give it to a friend. Of course I just had to do it for him.

The code is pretty funny, and actually took a bit of time to research. But its not hard to understand. I don't think he'll have trouble. I would tell you what it is, but I want to give him time to figure it out before he reads in on the Internet!

And actually, the instructions on how to de-code the message are hidden somewhere in This is NOT a book, which I left it at his house. So when he comes back from his big night out getting drunk legally for the first time he is .... probably not going to care at all. But maybe tomorrow morning!!!

The title of my message to him is: This is NOT a Gig. When he figures out the code, he'll know what "Gig" actually stands for...

As I left my (not a) book at his house I got a bit nervous because the last time that I left it somewhere overnight, it was never to be found again. But at the same time, I now know that despite the tragic disappearance of Not a Book #1, I did acquire NOT a Book #2 and was able to continue my booking/blogging adventure.
So I suppose you could say that I didn't learn my lesson because even though it was stolen once, I am continuing to put it at risk of thieves a second time. HOWEVER, I did learn a different valuable lesson: that even when bad things happen, life continues and there are alternative ways to make up for it and/or move on. So if NOT a Book #2 does not return to its rightful owner this time around, then I suppose its just an opportunity for me to begin NOT a Book #3. And it all works out in the end.

Not that I want to. I'd prefer Brian just figure out the code and return it to me. But I'm just trying to be optimistic here!

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