Friday, February 26, 2010

this is a really short rather pointless post! Hey, its friday!

The postcard was removed from my mailbox. Hence, it is en route. (cross your fingers!)

And my friend found a link for me with a whole bunch of palindromes! (Palindromes were a part of my scavenger hunt on page 33 for those of you are are like "why the heck do I want to read a list full of palindromes?!") I really could have used it back then. And so, in case you ever need to find a palindrome in the near future, I have already conveniently provided them for you. You're welcome.

They're funny. check em out:
My personal favorite: Go hang a salami. Im a lasagna hog.
Next time somebody says something snooty Im gonna be like "oh just go hang a salami!"
They'll be like "wwwhat?"
And I'll be like "yeah. Im a lasagna hog."
If you don't get it, it's not you... its me.

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