Monday, May 10, 2010

This is an apology

I have not blogged in 20 days!
Tino, thank you for always reading and for being angry at me for not blogging in so long :) So last night, after our talk two days ago, about how I'm slacking on my blog, the thought crossed my mind that I would blog tonight! BUT thennnn at about 11:30 pm my friend started talking to me and was like "So, are you ready for tomorrow?"
So I was like ... "Of course! ...What's tomorrow?"
- "Our final."
- "Huh? No, our final is Tuesday."
- "Noooooo it's tomorrow."
- "No its Tuesday."
- "No it's tomorrow."
- (look on Spire account) .... "Omg. It's tomorrow."

He was right. My final is tomorrow and I haven't studied at all! I thought I had a full day of studying. And instead I had a few hours...
SO the blogging was put on hold.
I crammed.
And in the end, it all worked out because I'm pretty sure I A-ced it. Which was necessary for my confidence since I felt like the dumbest girl in the world for almost forgetting I had a final in the first place! But that's besides the point.
NOW I am done with school an entire day earlier than I thought! So now I am blogging :)

But, about nothing of importance. I've done some things in this is not a book. But nothing too memorable. Plus its in the other room and I am way to lazy to get up and go get it. Its summer baby. Time to relax 8-)

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