Monday, May 17, 2010

This is my obsession with flowers

A few days ago there was a page in the (not a) book in which I had to collect 5 things to satisfy each of the 5 senses.
It was a beautiful day so I was obviously sunbathing on my deck, enjoying the first few days of my summer vacation, soaking up the sun and being beyond content with life. So as I look around my pretty back yard the first thing that comes to my mind is:
I love flowers! They are so pretty. I want to look at them every day!
And then I move on to the next sense...

I love smelling flowers! They smell so pretty! I want to smell them every day!
And then I move on to the next sense...

I love touching flowers! The petals are so soft! I want to touch them every day!
And then I move on to the next sense ...

...well, there was this one time at my aunt's wedding where a flower was placed on top of our plates of very expensive and quite delicious steak; we questioned our waiter about there being a flower on our steak and he said they were completely edible (although mostly used for visual appeal). So my cousin tried it first. And my sisters, cousins, and I all followed with a small nibble shortly after... and hence:
So then I moved on to the next sense...

.... shoot. As much as I really love flowers, you can't really hear them :(
Oh wait! Flowers have leaves. And when the leaves fall off the flower and die, they get crunchy. And then you can crunch 'em and crunch 'em and crunch 'em and they make a GREAT crunching sound .... and hence:

Flowers have successfully satisfied all of my 5 senses. Meaning they are all you need in life. Not love, not money, not even food. Just flowers. (Well....maybe some chocolate too ;)
So for all of you boys out there who still refuse to understand why girls like getting flowers, and pull silly stunts such as:
a. Buying us potted plants instead of cut flowers because plants don't die as fast [a good idea in theory. And I would still like to get a plant. But only in addition to the flowers; not in place of them].
b. Only get us flowers on special occasions such as Valentines Day when we know you are only getting them for us because you feel like you have to.
c. Getting us a fake flower so that it won't die [similar to the potted plant theory. But it doesn't smell or feel real so it just doesn't have the same effect.]
d. Only getting us flowers when you are trying to apologize or win us over. Now they are "sorry" flowers, not "happy" flowers and every time us girls look at them we just get sad that something went so wrong that you had to buy us those just to make up for it...
e. (the worst possible thing a guy could do) Never give a girl a flower...

Now, I can only speak for myself.... but I know for a fact that every girl LOVES flowers; just possibly not quite to the same extent that I do...
But if you are a boy that does any of the above listed actions, I will tell you one time, and one time only:

It doesn't need to be a dozen roses. It doesn't need to be a special occasion. Just pick a dandelion from my front yard on a Tuesday morning and put it in my hair, and I will probably fall instantly in love with you. And if that freaks you out, don't worry... because it't not actually you that I's the flowers :P I really really really love flowers!

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