Monday, May 24, 2010

This is a a wicked long title just to give you a preview of what is to come in the following blog post, you'll understand once you start reading it!

Page 148 is a System. I had to chose one word from each page of This is Not a Book to form a very long sentence.

This was SO hard. Especially because every page says almost the same words ... "This is not a book. This is a ***" Not many verbs in there. And since I'm supposed to make a really long sentence, it'd be convenient for some conjunction words to be available for use. Like and or but or, or! But no. This is not a book wanted to make it very difficult for me to make a long run on sentence.

But I have to say... I pulled it off pretty well. I tried to keep a theme going so that it made some sort of sense. It's not the worst. But certainly not the best either. Anyway, here it is:

A note is a mark of time, a challenge, thought; write notes immediately, permanently; write a blank page, profile, list, shape and fill a fat book; add message and stash your notes about something random to instruct friends to embellish facts, writing between comments with a variety of things well read is a transition, or a sentence, to describe a page; document a moment, go to a portable performance to list music your leader could write to.

Yes. Take my super long run on sentence's advice and write, write, write!!! But preferably not run-on sentences, because not only are they are grammatically incorrect but they also don't make any sense and are wicked annoying.

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  1. it's like a poem lindsey, i like it! you should see what other creative things you can write by doing it that way; a word at a time as you flip read through a newspaper or book or magazine.