Wednesday, January 13, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things (like the sound of music)

"The MAGIC in all that is, and the wonder in al that could be, is partly made of stardust and parly made of the SEA" "There's no place like home" "Our dreams become reality when we believe in our tomorrows" "To live would be an awfully great adventure"

Page 77: An Escape Capsule.
Approximately the size of a small closet. I listed all the items that I would put in this closet sized escape capsule to accompany me when I need to (duh) escape. So basically, I put my favorite things in there. Because I figure if you need to escape, it is probably because you are trying to get away from something or someone. And thats not really an ideal situation to be in. So it would be nice to be reminded of the things that you like and the people and places that you do enjoy being with. So here is the list of things that I put my escape capsule that I can now escape to:

- Lucky (my cat) or Merlee (my roommates cat, if she lets me)
- A picture of the ocean (Preferably Cape Cod)
- Flowers. Real ones. Maybe potted ones so that they will stay alive in the capsule.
- A picture of my family
- Chocolate ice cream
- Coffee (in case I'm hungry)
- This is NOT a Book
- My journal and pen
- Simba (I sleep with him every night. He is the best. I love him).
- Water (to feed my flowers and my thirst!)

Then I decorated the entire page. I love doing this kind of stuff. Collage-ing and being crafty. I decorated it with good quotes, pictures of flowers, the ocean, my family, and simba and kitty stickers.

So OK, in reality, I can't just climb into my "closet capsule" every time I want to get away and steal my roommies kitty and eat a gallon of chocolate icecream. It would be weird. Not normal and unhealthy. BUT I can atleast open up to Page 76 everytime I want to escape, and hopefully remembering all the things that I love will take me away for a moment or two.

And miraculously, for the first time in two weeks, I only had ONE practice today! I had all morning free with not much to I continued being crafty and made a similar collage of my favorite things on the computer! So now its up here and I can share the prettiness with you.

And while Im at it: Here's another iconic-type collage I made on the computer last year with lots of my favorite pictures of the beach, track, gymnastics, favorite movies, sayings .. and just down right prettiness and smileyness to look at. Basically, I get warm fuzzy feelings when I make and look at collages of my favorite things. I hope you feel warm and fuzzy too =)

(I think if you click on the pics they get larger...)

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