Thursday, January 21, 2010

This is excuses excuses excuses ....

The other day I did page 112 which was "An EXCUSE to avoid other things."
That's funny ... I'm pretty sure this entire book is my excuse to avoid other things. I'm pretty sure I bought you and started this blog for the sole purpose of avoiding other things in life and an excuse to distract myself from things I did not want to do. (Although at this point, I basically continue because I'm a blogging junkie and actually think its fun). (And sometimes because I'm bored). (Sometimes because I want to do something out of the ordinary). (But still ... sometimes it is my excuse to avoid doing other things)

Well ANYWAY, at the time that I did page 112 (last Saturday) I wanted to avoid the following things:
- Negative confrontation with people I care about.
- Buying my school books.
- Moving to a seat closer to an outlet to plug in my computer so it doesn't die.
- Tonight - and the nighttime socializing festivities that college life entails.
- Finishing my lab.
- The first week of classes.
- The winter.

At the time, page 112 was a great excuse to avoid these things. And at the time, I technically didn't have to do ANY of those things on that list. I was able to successfully avoid all of them! Thanks to NOT a book and a steaming cup of Starbucks.

But looking at the page today I just realized it was a complete failure.
I was not able to avoid any of these things. Not one.

- Within 24 hours, I had the negative confrontation. If it needs to happen, it needs to happen.
- Within 3 days I had to buy my school books.I had to do a homework assignment based on Chapter 1 of the textbook by Thursday, therefore I needed to buy the book.
- I ended up going out to the nighttime college festivities....peer pressure worked its magic on me.
- Within 4 days I had to go into lab, and work has started up on it again. I'm going in again today and lots of next week. I have a responsibility and a job to do. It can't go unfinished.
- The first week of classes has come and gone. I can't stop time. I can't stop school from happening.
- The winter..... well, unless I go in a coma for the next 3 and 1/2 months, I just don't see how its possible to avoid that either.

- Howeverrrrr .... I DID NOT MOVE TO A SEAT CLOSER TO AN OUTLET FOR MY COMPUTER! Alas-success! I avoided something!
But not quite....
My computer died shortly after. Which totally backfired. It wasn't the success of avoidance that I was looking for.

So what have I learned from all of this??
You can't avoid life.
I can make excuses all I want. I can write them down, I can say I don't want to do it. But if it has to be done, it will be done. Whether I want to do it or not.
So if its going to get done at some point or other, then the only difference is how its done: Early, in a timely manner, without complaining, without stressing; Or at the last minute, stressed about it, with complaining, and having negative thoughts and opinions about it.

I'm not saying that because of this I will now do everything without complaint in a timely manner from here on out for the rest of my life. Actually, ya, I can tell you that will 100% not be the case :)
I'm just saying I learned my lesson (Whether I apply it or not).

Sorry This is NOT a Book ... you are not a valid excuse to avoid life. Thanks for trying though. I appreciate the effort!

P.S. I hope everybody has a wonderful day :)

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