Saturday, November 7, 2009

This is lent for lindsey

My friends have been really great lately. Theres a chance that they all collectively decided to step up their game and be awesome human beings all at once. Or theres a possibly greater chance that I never stopped and took a step back to be grateful for them and all they do for me.
I've been pretty sick this week (swine??) and everybody just seems so caring. My roommate made a giant cauldron of soup, my friend from home brought me food and stopped by just to say Hi and see how I was feeling ...people just care. Its really nice. And sickness aside, my friends are very supportive. Tino made me a secret code this week! And then Sean gave me his map! (The Umass transit bus routes). He even read my blog while we were in class! Giving up his education for me ... thats true friendship. I just feel loved. And that makes me feel happy.

So I'm ready to give back.
Page 62 says: This is a COMMITMENT. Do one thing on this list every day for ONE month:
-wear an article of clothing inside out
-read a book you don't think you will like
-sing on your way to work/school
-give something away
-take a photo
-draw something
-write a letter

I've debated over which one I've wanted to do for quite some time now. Between the blog and my journal, and being in school and writing papers, writing a letter everyday is the last thing I want to do. And reading a book I don't think I'll like could turn out to be such a hassle. What if it turns out I'm right, and I don't like it! Then Im stuck doing something that I hate for a whole month! Thats miserable. And sing on my way to school. That would be miserable for everybody around me. I'll spare you all. Draw something ... I do that a lot anyway, I doodle, I sketch, it just wasn't challenging enough for me.... I need a challenge.

So give something away. This could be my little conscious effort to give back to my friends who have been so great to me. I want to show them that I care too. That they mean a lot to me and that I am so thankful to know them and have them in my life. So I guess every day from now on I have to give something away. Now what will I give away?? I have NO idea ... I don't think people necessarialy want my stuff. Anddddd although I don't NEED everything in my life, its not like I want to start giving away my clothes. Sooooo, Im going to have be be creative. I might have to spend some money. Or I might have to be really cheap. Im assuming some days I'll give stuff away that really doesn't mean anything, but that fact that I am consciously giving something away is the point. And I'm hoping that other days I can actually put effort into it and give something away that matters, so that I can show my friends that I love them. And maybe somedays I can give something away to a total stranger so that I can make a new friend!!

Well ... I'm sure I'll figure it out as the days go on. Like I said, today is Day 1. So I was at the store buying packets of gum for myself. And by the time I got home I realized that I would have to give it away. My roommates Erinn and Elaina have frequently offered their gum up for the entire house, so now its my turn. Gum for everyone in my house! With 6 of us I don't think that 6 packs of gum will last too long ... but luckly I am doing this for a whole month! So I can do it again when we run out!

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