Wednesday, November 4, 2009

this is cracking the code

A play-by-play of the last half hour of my life:

Its 10:30pm on a Wednesday night. I'm feeling sick so I am going to bed early. I check my e-mail one last time before sleep.
I have a message.
I don't know who it is from. They're name is "avrilflowerfan".
I open the e-mail. It is short and sweet.
It reads "Make sure you check your mailbox. There may be something of interest to you in it."
I skeptically walk outside to my mailbox.
Its dark, our house light doesnt' go on.
I check over my shoulder once or twice, nervous that someone was playing some sort of prank on me.
I reach in the mailbox.
There is a little piece of paper that says "LINDSEY" on it.
I rush inside.
I open the paper.
It doesn't make any sense. There are squares and dots and lines.
It doesn't say anything I can read.
It's like some sort of secret code....

I run and show my roommates.
"Its a secret code!!!" I jump up and down.
A secret code for my scavenger hunt!
Together we rush to my desk and whip out a pencil.
We don't know what the dots and squares and lines mean.
The first line has 2 symbols, a space, and then 7 symbols. We take a gamble and guess that it says "Hi Lindsey"
5-10 minutes later, we cracked the code =)

It said:
"Hi Lindsey,
I Hope this helps you on your scavenger hunt. I just want you to know that I think what you are doing is awesome! I'm proud of you. Remember that your friends will always be there for you! Good luck Lindsey, -- Tino "

My friend Tino gave me a secret code. What a guy =) I am so grateful that I have fun and supportive friends who make secret codes for me to crack, and blog about, and complete my scavenger hunt. And to have friends that get just as excited as me, and jump up and down with me, and help me crack the code in record breaking time. Friends are really good to have around. They make me smile and laugh, they support me and they help me. I never thought a silly little gesture like this could make me so happy, but it really is! I am so happy right now.

Secret code - found and solved! I can check that one off the list now too.
Along with the pea pod that I ate in my mom's stir fry last night and (on a more inappropriate note)the dog poop (poop=palindrome) that I saw on the sidewalk two days ago.

Thanks Tino!!

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  1. fun! did mom make stir-fry with peapods knowing about your scavenger hunt, or was that a coincidence? The chain letter made it to Durham NC has been mailed to Jillian at Tufts!