Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is an update =)

So I've actually written a lot of posts here,and I'm a decent quarter way through (Not a) book. But between the scavenger hunt and month long committment, things are slowing down. So I thought I'd give an update.

I am reading a book called "This is NOT a book." And its true, it really isn't a book. Every page is a different experience. It gives me something to do, an activity, an adventure. Why am I doing this? I am a young college student going through a lot of changes in my life. I need something fun to do to help get me through. To help me laugh. To help me explore. To help me live. I have nothing stopping me. I have minimal responsibilities. And I have a lot of spunk. So Im taking on this challenge to complete every page in This is Not a Book for me to find out who I am and what life is about, and for you to enjoy my stories by reading my blog. (Which if you've noticed I've ironically named NOT a Blog, since Im reading NOT a Book).

So WHAT exactly have I been doing?? Well ... some things are pretty meaningful and somethings are quite pointless. For example, did I tell you that I had to color an "obscure shape" using "the strangest method I can think of" ?? Well, I did it. I stuck two markers up my nose and tried to color. I have this amazing talent where I can expand my nostrils, and yes, I fit markers up my nose, and I colored. Unfortunately, after a few scribbles it hurt ... so I continued to color with the second strangest method I could think of, which waswith my toes.

Did I also tell you that I cut and pasted a face on the cover of the (not a) book. I put an two eyes, one with a patch, and a giant smile. So now it looks like a pirate! My pirate friend.

These are just two of the many silly things I've been doing...
But somethings are much more important. Or not necessarialy important, but meaningful. Or not necessarialy meaningful ... but activities that after all is said and done I realize, "wow, that really made an impact on my day."

For example, I am currently engaged in a month long committment. Every day, from Saturday on, I have to give something away for one whole month. Its proven easy some days, and difficult on others. It is going to be a long month, but one thing is for sure, it is rewarding to give things away! It feels really good!
So far I've given away two packets of gum to all the members of my house, homemade healthy granola bars to my guy friends, a book about ideas that I thought my friend would be really interested in, my towel and sandals to two different teammates during our pool practice workout, I bought my friend an icecream cone, and I gave a piece of gum to my friend in class today.

Giving things away is liberating. You should try it. Maybe not necessarialy for a whole month, but maybe just sometimes.

I also started a chain letter, in hopes that people connect with friends and read my blog! So far it went to Durham NC and is now at Tufts in Boston ... and we'll see where it heads next!

And an update on the scavenget hunt: I still need to discover a scientific theorem. And trust me, Im working on it. I was in lab for 3 hours wednesday and I will be there for 3 hours tomorrow ... No need to fear, I will save the world.

So, basically I am reading a book in which I do what I'm told. And somehow that is supposed to make me feel like an independent self-sufficient confident young woman. Yepppp .... :)

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