Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is a day in the life of Lindsey

Upon waking up to a really busy or stressful day, have you ever caught yourself thinking "Just get through the day." As if, once the day is over and the sun sets, your life will be better. But isn't it sad to think that your life would be better once the day is over? Because isn't that what life is....? Living the days we are given? And if you are just going through the motions, waiting for it to pass, then you're missing out on living.

No pointing fingers here, I do it too! Actually over the last few months I've been a bad girl. I've been saying things like "Just get through the week" or even "Just get through the next 6 months!"
That's how bad I was planning on life being. So bad that I'd rather just skip over the next few months and suddenly wake up to it being June ... and life would be better then.

Well, I'm glad that I didn't do this. I'm glad that I didn't use my magical time traveling powers (which I obviously have) to plummet myself into the summer. Because as it turns out, the days aren't being as bad as I had thought. In fact, lately I've been having some great days. Days that as I'm going to bed at night I think in my head "I had a good day."

These days don't have to be anything extraordinary, they don't necessarily have to be fun. They could revolve around one thing or many things ... its just a day where everything was okay. And in my world, if everything is okay, then life is good. (like the t-shirts!)

Page 124 was A MOMENT IN TIME, a day that would never happen again.
I recorded it for my own memory of what a good day is. And of course, so that you all could experience a day in the life on Lindsey:

Wednesday February 10, 2010
I woke up at 7:45 with a text from my friend saying "SNOW DAY". But then I looked out my window, and there was NO snow! I obviously didn't believe her so I went online to verify.But she told the truth...UMass was closed due to snowy weather predictions! I slept an extra 45 minutes then woke up an enjoyed my cup of hazelnut coffee while watching Regis and Kelly. I ate breakfast, did some reading for Kinesiology. Talked to my mom on the phone. Then I drove to practice where I got to pole vault for the next two hours! I only got to go from 4 steps, (which is not a full run) but it was still productive and fun because since it was a snow day the whole team was there together! I remembered to have a good block leg so I got upside down a lot better than I normally do. I was sore all day, so I sucked it up after practice and went down to the trainers and took an ice bath (which was absurdly cold at about 39 degrees). I put some hot water in it, because 39 is just far far far too cold for me! But after a few minutes my legs were numb anyway so I guess it didn't matter. I came home and prepared an apple-rice salad and took a shower. I went out and did laundry and a bit of grocery shopping ... at this point it JUST started snowing, so don't worry, it was still safe to drive. At night I went to Yoga. It was a really relaxing class. Came home (still hardly snowing!) ate my apple-rice salad and tea and watched Ella Enchanted with Erinn. At 10:00 I wrote this documentation of my day, then finished one quick homework assignment due for class tomorrow. I went on facebook for a solid half hour and chatted with some friends. Then I read a few chapters of my Jodi Picoult book and went to bed at 12... But I didn't fall asleep until I took a sleeping pill some time after 1:30...but I can't say that ruined my day because at that point it was the next day!!

Im glad I documented this day because it was good, and now I can remember it. It doesn't take much for it to be a good day... A few friends, some physical activity, a little bit of productivity, a phone call from home, food and sleep. Thats all I really need I guess.

Hope you all enjoyed my snow day ;)

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  1. I always catch myself saying only have to get through 2 more months left of school.... when I should really be saying Sh*T Only 2 months left! Lets enjoy it