Monday, February 15, 2010

This is a Valentine's Celebration

Okay so it was Valentines Day and me and my roommates wanted to be surrounded by our loving friends ... so we hosted a valentines day party! And amazingly page 138 was my chance to create a celebration! Directions were to
1. Come up with a theme
2. Make a festive dish or dessert
3. Wear a special outfit
4. Play music i like
5. Decorate

Mission complete! Technically we were totally planning on having a Valentines party, with or without page 138 ... but sometimes life just works out perfectly that way.

Theme: Love. obviously.
Festive dish: Oh my goodness ... me and my roommates played Betty Crocker hostesses all day and made so much food! Meatballs, pita chips, dips, cupcakes, cookies up the ying yang, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered strawberries ... chocolate chocolate chocolate. A Valentine's feast indeed.
Special Outfit: I wore pink tights. That's pretty special.
Music: Love songs
Decorations: So tacky, but oh so beautiful for valentines day =)

In addition, page 89 was a guest registry. So I left out my (not a) book for everybody to sign it and leave comments while at the party. When I look at it,it just makes me smile :) My friends are not only interested in what I do and very caring, but they're also cute as heck and hilarious. I got some very loving messages, and some very graphic ones as well (I would expect nothing less out of my friends). And all the comments were most appreciated! (Even the naked drawing).

I felt a little bad that we only invited a select few people, but it was a Sunday night and all. And even though I wish we could always invite everybody we know ... the truth is that Valentines Day is supposed to be a special day, dedicated to showing people you truly care about them. So this was our special way to let our closest friends know we care. I hope you had fun, and if you missed out, then you will be invited to the next party!

Honestly, I had such a blast getting ready for it and preparing for it. It totally gave me something to do; a point to my day. Instead of sitting around saying "It's Valentines Day and I don't have a special somebody" ... I spent all day with 25 special somebodies. What could be better than that?! And I had so much fun making the day as special as I could for them, that just their presence was enough for me. I think this was my most favorite Valentines Day ever. Seriously. There was love all around.

Pictures posted for proof. If you ever need a personal party planner, you know who to call ;)

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