Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This is a view I couldn't have seen without you.

I used to get frustrated with people who just sat back and watched life go on around them. I'd think to myself "Why don't they get off their butts and actually live life instead of just watching it go by them!" And I was always the person who took up the any opportunity to get up and do something just to make sure I wasn't that person sitting back and watching.
...But oddly, lately ... I like to watch.
Its peaceful.

As I am learning recently, there are many different ways to look at life.
I don't know which way is right.
And although the past few days I've probably been sitting on my butt too much, and probably should start to "live" again, I don't think its necessarily wrong anymore.
I understand why people sit and watch now. They get to watch life without having an effect on it. Without it affecting them. It's kind of relaxing to just drift off for a bit and let life continue on while you take a break.

So right now I have the opportunity to sit and look (out of a fake window which I cut out of page 122). And look at ANY view that I want.

I decided, I just want to look at the sun.
It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
And page 122 is quite convenient because its 9:28 Tuesday night in January ... and of course, the sun isn't out. So if I looked out of a REAL window, I wouldn't be able to see the sun. But thanks to NOT a Book, I can do anything I want.

I'm looking at the sun through my window.

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