Friday, October 30, 2009

this is my secret agent mission

My friend is frustrated that I'm not posting more often. Im sorry. But what I'm doing right now is taking longer than I thought. I am on a scavenger hunt. I have been on a scavenger hunt for over a week now! Here is what I have to find:
(the smiley faces mean I've got em! )

-- a seed pod
:) the definition of a word you don't know
:) a puzzle to complete
-- a scientific theorem
:) something red
:) something that was alive
-- a map
-- a footnote
:) somethign that was lost
:) a piece of thread
:) a ticket stub
:) something with a circle on it
:-/ a palindrome
:) a piece of toilet paper (unused)

The definition of a word that I don't know whas actually "Palindrome" seeing as I also have to find a palindrome as part of the scavenger hunt and I didn't even know what it was! But now I do ...

Palindrome : a word, verse, sentence or number that reads the same backwards or forwards.
---- courtesy of Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online.

Every Monday and Wednesday Im in a class that bores me to death. So to occupy myself I ALWAYS try to do the Suduko in the school newspaper. But they've been SOOO hard lately! But alas, after 2 weeks of wracking my brain, feeling frustrated and wearing down my erasers, I defeated the sudoko! I did it! So that was my puzzle.
Something red: a red pen I was writing with.
Something that was alive: all the dead leaves that falling to the ground since winter is so sadly approaching.
Something that was lost: my bracelet from Arizona that I lost in June and my friend found at his place a few weeks ago! I was so happy! It's so pretty and reminds me of my grandparents that live in Arizona =) My bracelet and I are finally reuinted. And I've been wearing it every day since.
A piece of thread: that was from my shirt. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
A ticket stub: This should be easy ... but it actually wasn't for me. I never go to the movies, and if I do, I definitely don't save my ticket stubs. Ironically, my track Coach just flew home to North Carolina last weekend to see his family. And Monday afternoon, upon his arrivial back, I was conveniently standing outside his office where he must have conveniently dropped his flight ticket stub ... so I snagged it. I hope he's not one of those sentimental guys who was going to save it and make a scrapbook page out of it, because I didn't even ask him for it ..... But I highly doubt that he is anyway. I think I'm safe.
The palindrome .... I put a :-/ face because the other day I was looking at the clock and it was 1:21. I think that counts. But I just feel like I could do better. Like, actually FIND something. Not just see it. 1:21 isn't an item. So, Im going to keep hunting.

Same with the map, the footnote, the secret code, and scientific theorem .... I could just look up a scientific theorem in one of my school books or online, I could just print out a map of the world, I could just use my locker combination as my secret code ... but I don't want to. Not yet at least. I think I can actually hunt around and find a map of something and be stealthy and steal it. And I think that maybe one of these days I'll come up with my own sceintific theorem and change science and the world as we know it. And I think that if I play private investigator meets undercover cop meets detective meets secret agent woman, then I think I can find a REAL secret code. Not just my locker combination. Thats silly. I will not take the easy way out. I am in it to win it! I don't know who I competing against ... but that is beside the matter, because I will win. I will find all the items.

And so the hunt continues!!

Oh and I almost forgot ... the toilet paper! GOT IT!

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