Sunday, December 6, 2009

this is DOING WORK

So I was feeling guilty that I wasn't actively doing a page every day and I felt like a slacker. So today I sat down and did work. There were a few pages that I've been waiting to do, and today I combined all of them. In addition, the other day my number 1 fan told me that he wanted to be included in my activites. So while finishing off a few pages all at once, I designed them specifically for him to do.

1. I had to leave This is Not a Book in a place over night
2. I had to leave a comment in a public place
3. I had to write a message to a friend
4. I had to leave This is Not a Book somewhere and create a treasure map for a friend to find it.

So I did all of these things at once. I hid the treasure (This is Not a Book) in a funny secret place (to be revealed later), and i wrote a message inside of it for the "hunter" when he finds it. I left a clue for him in a public place, and I created the treasure map with an X marks the spot and left it on the hunters door. Of course since my number 1 fan wanted to be "included" there was no other person I could think of to do this than him. Mulvs, I hope you are reading this right now and I really hope you do it because A) me and my roommate had quite the adventure setting it up for you this afternoon, we put a good amount of effort into it and B) I left This is Not a Book somewhere overnight and I dont want anyone to take it so I need you to get to it before anybody else does!!


ALSO ***** I only have 3 more days of giving stuff away!!! I decided to open this up to everybody: if there is something you want from me, this is your one and only chance to ask for it and have a very very high probablility that I WILL give it to you! Leave me a comment of something you want within the next 3 days - or just straight up ask me "Hey Lindsey, can I have that sandwich that you just bought, Im really hungry." I'll say "Yes", because its coming down to the end and Im just gonna give it all I got.
get it? heheh

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