Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Welp, the book is still gone. But I want to blog! Its just not fair ... I'll have to figure this out somehow. In the meantime, Im going to blog anyway, minus the Not a Book!

I've always liked to write. I write in a journal all the time. And I can bang out an A+ essay on any topic, any day ... any time. But when I thought about blogging, it just didn't feel right. Because why would I publically write about the private daily things that go on in my life? I've always felt like if there is something that I have to say and want to share, then I'll write to a newspaper, or in a class. And if its something I don't want to share, I'll write it for myself in my journal.

But when I got This Is NOT a Book, it was the first time that I got to do some creative writing that was completely just for fun. It didn't have a purpose, it wasn't for a grade or to necessarialy learn from it. And it didn't get me all wrapped up in my ever growing emotions ... and yes, that happens EVERY time I journal. It was just ... just out of pure interest. I like to write. I like to talk to people. I like to figure things out and make meaning out of things. I like to share what I know.

So moral of the story: I like to blog! But now I don't have This is NOT a Book to blog about. I could blog about my life: school, classes, finals, boys....boys boys boys and more boys, track, family, the weather, funny stories about my roommates, the meaning of life. But it wouldn't be the same. I wouldn't be motivated to blog about these thigns, because it wouldn't satisfy me, it wouldn't challenge me. I can already write about these things in my journal, or I can talk on the phone about them to my best friend. But without the blog, there wasn't much meaning to This is NOT a Book - because without the blog, I couldn't share my adventure to anyone.

I mean, it would be kinda silly if I called my mom and said "Hey Mom, today I put This is NOT a book in between my legs and saw how far i could run with it there before it fell out. Then had my roommmates do it to see who could go the farthest! Lisa won!"

She'd be like ...... "wtf linds. I don't give a flying hoot"
Just kidding she wouldn't say that. It's be worse. She would probably ignore me.
So you see, the blog had a focus. I like to blog because it helped me care about something that didn't matter. For many 20 year old college kids, this may seem odd because 20 year olds shouldn't have a care in the world. But I have this issue where I care about EVERYTHING in the world. And I have more empathy than one should ever have. So basically, I've really enjoyed NOT a Book and blogging because I could focus on one thing that really didn't matter! And it's kind of taught me how do just do things for fun, or because Im told to, and not because it will change the world. And it basically helped distract me from my life. which everyone needs from time to time I think. =)

So until I get it back, in some way or another... I'm going to keep blogging and perhaps I'll find a way to blog about things that I can't call and tell my mom and that I wont start crying over in my journal :)

PS. Profile Views reached 100 the other day! That excites me so much! I don't know if it tracks how many people look at the blog page, or just my profile page. And I don't know if it tracks how many times, or how many differnt computers reach either. But either way, somehow I've reached 100 views on a blog thats NOT a Blog ... I'm impressed :P

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