Thursday, December 10, 2009

This is a mystery. What should I do?

so page #whatever: This is an Experiment. Leave This is NOT a Book in a public place overnight, see what happens.

... I'll tell you what happens. It mysteriously disappears/gets thrown out by the committed and dedicated custodians that keep our campus squeaky clean day in and day out.

This is NOT a Book is gone. My sister told me that its just like the iPod and I should persevere and get it back! So I tried. But I have confirmation, it was thrown out. I guess karma comes back around.

I can't say that this is necessarialy a bad thing though. I mean, it was an "Experiment." If the book said "don't put it in a place where nothing bad can happen to it" ... then that would be a stupid experiment, because then nothing would happen to it! You see what I mean here?

Then something even more mysterious happened. In the EXACT same location an empty red notebook was found 3 days later. And in black sharpie was written "This is NOT a book."

And its true. Its not a book. Its a spiral notebook. But its basically empty! I flipped through it looking for a name or a clue or a hint as to who put it there, why, or if there is a reason behind it. But all thats there is some statistics notes and a few doodles. I have a few guesses as to who put it there, but I don't know if there is a purpose to it. I think its just a thoughtful and fun friend who felt bad that the book was lost and so replaced it. I think its cute. And I wondered if I should have left it there so that maybe the "hunt" would continue... but I just took it. I wanted my replacement NOT a book/notebook :)

So my question is I turn my replacement not-e-book (GET IT?! I just came up with that now! its like NOT-a-Book but its a notebook, so its a NOT-e-book. Im so cleaver hehe).

anyway, question is: do I turn my replacement not-e-book into my own sort of adventure; do I get a real replacement and buy another NOT-a-book and pick up where I left off; or do I be done? Maybe if its gone, then its done? Maybe it was an experiment to see if I should continue my adventure or not. And since it failed, I shouldn't.

I don't know yet what I want to do. It's finals time, I'm going home for winter break soon, I'm thinking about other things, so I don't know whether I should continue or not. But at the same time, I dont want to be done. I like doing this. Its fun, its my thing, and I like blogging. And I really wanted to finish.

Well, I guess time will tell. I'd like some input though, really. I mean I know nobody REALLY cares. I know you guys just read when you're bored or procrastinating your homework. But I want your honest opinion. Is it worth my $12-20 (I forget how much it was) to go out and buy another one? Hmmm... I'll sleep on it.

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