Wednesday, October 7, 2009

la de daaa procrastination

So you know how a few posts back I listed reasons why I was doing this and one of them was that I wanted it to be a distraction ...

Well, its working.
I have to study for BioChemistry. And obviously I don't want to. I can't think of one good reason to study.
One may respond, "you should study to get a good grade" But me and my friends in Nutrition 352 could tell you that if we learned one thing at all today, it was: Studying does not help you do well on exams. Teachers like to pull tests out of their asses. Needless to say, that test didn't go as well as hoped, and thus I am severely unmotivated to study for anything else. And so I am doing this instead.

Last sunday is also a great example of how this is a great distraction. Last Sunday I knew that I had a crazy hectic week of school ahead of me. I knew that I had 4 test, a paper, and a homework assignment due all within the same 3 days. But I decided to distract myself and complete page 5 which was: a TEST OF ENDURANCE to hold This is not a book above my head for as long as possible.
I did it for 26minutes and 12 seconds.
And I'm not going to lie ... I am a little bit proud of myself. 26minutes and 12 seconds of doing nothing but hold a book over your head is both painful and boring. Requiring both strength and determination. But the truth is ... I think I could have done it longer. Like, if I had competition, I would have kept going. Hours maybe. If I was on Survivor and it was one of those endurance tests for immunity, or better a giant buffet at a 5star hotel after having been starving on a deserted island for 30 days ... I definetly would have done it longer. Forever if I had to. Im not trying to brag ... but my arms are a lot stronger than 26minutes and 12 seconds. But the reason I stopped was because,
1. I had pole vault practice the next morning and I didn't want my arms to be sore. Track is a bit more important than holding a book over my head. Coach, if you are reading this ... I have my priorities straight.
And 2. I realized I was holding a book over my head ...

That was reason enough to stop.
My housemates did find it entertaining though. Making them laugh was the least I could do while holding a book over my head.

Okay, seriously though. I do want a good grade. Gahhh I have to go study :(

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