Saturday, October 3, 2009

this is a surf board!!!

First off, I did a lot of random things today.
Its Saturday, which apparently means be lazy as heck, accomplish nothing, then go to a beach themed party in October.

Anyways, random things:
on thursday I recorded how many times I walked into a room.
36 times.
I don't know what that means, besides that I am busy and walk into many rooms.

And today I was bored so I drew a nature-istic scene on page 8. A beach obviously. I always doodle beaches, sailboats, hearts, and flowers. However this doodle on page 8 was especially special (compared to my normal doodles) because it also included a whale. very exciting. Especially special. I like that phrase.

Moving on ... Page 21 has now been transformed. It is no longer page 21 of This is not a Book. Rather, it is a mini mini envelope. Its purpose: to be determined.

And page 23 i wrote something, and then erased it. =)
To sum it up .... I had a very productive and meaningful day.
And to top it off, I am on my way to a Beach Bash party ... dressed in beach attire on October 3rd. And of course, I am on day 6 of carrying this book everywhere - SUCH AN INCONVIENCE- so my baby is coming with me. But this time, its in disguise ;)
Can you guess what it is? I made it an outfit and painted it and its in disguise for a beach party.

Is that your final answer?

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