Friday, October 23, 2009

This is self promotion at its finest

Since I was already going through the humiliation of having my name associated with the free artwork that I posted ... I decided that I might as well promote my blog website along with it. At that point, I did't have much to lose. My name was already out there, attached to that bulletin board, so my blog might as well be too. And it set my mind at ease to think that maybe if these random people ever saw or heard of me again they wouldn't think:

"Thats the weirdo who's picture I took"

But perhaps they might think:

"Thats the weirdo who's picture I took but then I read her blog and
understand why she did it and its kinda good."

Thats what I'm hoping for :)

And then over the course of about an hour after doing it, I suddenly got proud of doing it. Of putting my blog out there. Of putting my name out there. I was proud of what I did. And I couldn't wait to blog about it and tell everyone about what I did. And it hit me ... this is legit. I am doing this. I am completing everything in This is NOT a book. Its my mission now. It's what I'm doing. I mean ... I'm doing other things too. Im still a student, Im on the Track team, Im doing research for one of my teachers, Im making friends, Im looking for internships .... but this is my little thing. My little fun thing. And if I'm going to put my time and effort into something that I really care about, then I want to share it with people. This whole experience thus far has really helped me though a few rough days, and has helped me laugh at myself, and step outside my comfort zone and yet gain confidence in myself and who I am at the same time.... and its still just the beginning! This was like a turning point .... if Im going to do this, then I mean it. Im doing it. GO BIG OR GO HOME.

So I posted my name and blog on a bulletin board.
Then I kept posting my blog on my facebook page.
And then I did page 37 ... and it said: This is a Chain letter. Post your name and location. Mail to another person.

After my "turning point realization" in my adventure through the (not a) book of being fully committed to doing it ... this next page was clutch! I started a chain letter! And I'm SO excited for it. I have visions of it going across the country. I know, Im such a dork ... But I really do. If you got a chain letter in the mail, you would do it too right? Not like one of those annoying e-mails that make you forward the e-mail to everyone in your contacts or else Bloody Mary will come to you in your sleep and kill you and your babies .....
Its not like that.
At all.
Its better.
It's not creepy and annoying and stupid.
It's personal and fun.
You get a chain letter in the mail (real mail), you get to see who and where its been, and then you get to choose ONE person to mail it to and continue the chain.

I think that if people actually follow along, this could be really cool. People don't send personal mail that often anymore. Every now and then me and my sisters do, and I've got to be honest ... its really exciting to get a letter in the mail! It's almost like Christmas! It only happens on a special occasion, you don't know whats under the wrapping/envelope and you don't know who its from! How much more exciting can things get?!!

Well of course, since I had to choose ONE person to be the first person to send the chain to ... it was obviously going to be one of my sisters. And let me tell you ... choosing between the two of them was very difficult. They are my 2 best friends. They share so much in common, and yet I love them both for different reasons. Although I know both of them support me and what Im doing, and both of them would have been pumped to receive a chain letter, and both of them would definetly continue the chain with enthusiasm ... I ulitmately chose to send it to Kristen because she just recently moved to North Carolina and I have never sent her mail there before. So I thought it would be exciting for the letter to go to a place where I've never sent mail before! Sorry Jo. (Although there is a good chance that Kristen will send it to Jodie after anyways, so it just may reach New York after all!)

Not only do I think this is a cool idea (if it actually works) but I was still going with the whole self-promotion I attached my own personal note to the chain letter basically explaining who I (the originator of the letter) am, and why I started it, and for more info to visit my blog!!! I personally felt it was a really cute letter, so I don't see any reason why people wouldn't continue the chain. Especially after I went though all that effort to explain the reasoning behind it and promote my blog! I never thought I would be doing this .... promoting myself like this ... wanting people to care about what I'm doing .... I'm at the point where I just think this whole thing is hilarious .... does anyone else??

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