Tuesday, October 27, 2009

this is thinking happy thoughts to help me sleep at night

Last night I couldn't sleep, so I figured I'd see what I could do in this is Not a Book to pass the time. I ended up coloring, making up a story about my future, and making a thought garden of ideas that I want to come true.

The whole "thought garden" thing was basically a metaphor that if you plant ideas in your head, they eventually grow to be true in real life, much like if you were to plant a seed in the ground, it will eventually grow into a flower. Or a plant, or vegetable, whatever it is ... but I personally like flowers.

Are idea's and goals the same thing? Because I guess I don't have too many ideas. I have a few, such as: create a workshop for my Nutrition Association club to present to the athletes on campus. Thats an idea I though of last week and would love to follow through with. But mostly I had goals or aspirations that I want to come true. Such as: learn to surf, jump 11 feet in pole vault, teach little children nutrition to prevent obesity, go to Spain and California. Those aren't necessarialy ideas. Those are just personal goals that I wish to come true. So I guess I need to work on being more of an innovative person. Either way, I still wanted to plant my goals in the garden because I want those to grow into beautiful sunflowers and orchids and lillies too! Ideas ... goals ... same thing.

Next, I was to design my very own planet, making it flourish with whatever I desire. Turns out ... I either a) Don't have an imagination or b) Love our Planet the way it is. I say this because MY planet, that I had the power to create all on my own, however I wished, in all my wildest dreams included a sun, flowers, the ocean, lots of people all different shapes and sizes and a city. Which basically sums up the world the way it is now. But I love all those things! So I want them to stay! The only difference from this planet and the real planet was that I specified that there are ALWAYS flowers (as I made clear before, I like flowers). No matter where you are or what season you are in, flowers always bloom. And it is ALWAYS sunny and warm. No night time. And minimal clouds. Only the cool ones that are in the shape of bunny rabbits or pirate ships are allowed. And its only allowed to lightly sprinkle or drizzle to keep the flowers alive, and only as long as there is a rainbow afterwards. (Yes I realize that I sound like I'm 6 years old)I did think about the fact that since it's always sunny people might have trouble sleeping ... but its my world, so they can suck it up.

And the silly imagination continues when I then pretended to travel to the future and describe a day in my imagination. I chose 2:00pm on a Saturday in September 2011 in San Francisco, California. I decided, at least for the sake of last night, that after I graduate I will move there for my dietetic internship.

On this particular Saturday my whole family is in California visiting me for the first time since I moved there! Its 80 degrees out and sunny. We just got back from the beach where I tried to teach my younger brother how to surf, even though I hardly know myself. And my sisters attempted too. We are now walking along the boardwalk looking for a trendy place to get lunch. We are joking with my brother about the girl that tried to hit on him at the beach (<-- thats so silly to think of now because he's 12, but by then he will be 15!!) Later tonight we are going sight seeing and definetly hitting up the golden gate bridge. My mom dad and brother have to fly home in another day because my brother is starting high school. But my sisters are going to stay another week and make the most out of their California trip. Im going to bring them to work so they can see what I do. But then my oldest sister is going to look for people to network with and places to stay either here or in LA becuase she might try acting here, instead of NY, and she can be closer to me :)

After all was said and done I felt like a little girl. Dreaming about my future. Talking about flowers and raibows. Sunshine and happy families. California being perfect. Peace, love and happiness. Next thing you know I'll start thinking unicorns are real ...

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