Thursday, October 1, 2009

This is an experiment

So I've been walking around with this not a book in clear view for everyone to see for 4 days now. And Im actually kinda surprised; people aren't as nosey as I thought they would be. At the same time, UMass is a rather large school and I see the strangest things occur every day. For example about a week ago, one student was riding a unicycle on his way to class. About two weeks ago I was sitting on a bench on campus and a man came up, stood about 20 feet away from me, dropped his book bag and started doing some sort of meditation/movement yoga/sun praising dance that went on for over 20 minutes. In the middle of the day! By himself, in the middle of campus! And just today I saw a girl wearing all purple. Purple pants, purple nike's, and a purple shirt.

So I guess a girl carrying a "book", instead of putting it in her backpack, is really the least of other people's worries.

A few people of course did ask what it was and I entertained myself with different responses...
I told the first two people who asked the whole story. Told them that I'm going to write a blog and they thought it was a great idea!
The next time someone asked I got a bit lazy and just said "I dont know yet!" He responded with "Well let me know when you find out!" (Which i fully intend to do.)

Another friend just grabbed it off my desk in class and started reading it. She was pumped. She wanted to buy it herself!

And my favorite so far was when I answered"Its an experiment" and the kid said "Oh. For what class?" I gave him a kinda puzzled look ... I didn't know that reading and experimenting could only possibly be done for class ... Anyways I just said "a psych one". I left it at that because to be quite frank I didn't really care for talking to him :-X

4 days down, 3 to go ... And it really is an inconvience. For example, holding my book and a coffee and trying to open the door to class proved to be a challenge. And Im not going to lie, I did forget to bring it to lift yesterday morning :(But all was not lost. When I found my little baby I picked her right up and brought her with me for the rest of the day, and paid extra special attention so she didn't feel lonely.

... I think I might be getting too attached. So I think while i continue to inconvienetly carry it around, I'll move on to page two: "THIS IS A RECORDING DEVICE" and record everythingggggggg about my lovely lovely fall day =)

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