Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lindsey vs. Bulletin Boards vs. Zombies

FINALLY it was a nice day out yesterday, and I did that thing that I had envisioned for so long. Behold ... the 10 tiny little 2x2 inch sharpie-colored pictures that theraputically helped me through a rough day, that I worked so hard on making pretty for the world to see! (It's probably a bit closer to about 8 random people who may see it while walking through campus...but I like to think Im doing big things here ...)

I was assigned to execute an idea/drawing/or thought on each little paper, sign my name on the back and display them in a public place with a sign saying "Limited Edition Art Pieces: FREE".

As explained earlier, I thought the hard part was finding a day and place to do it. But little did I know, it would get harder. All the public bulletin boards on campus are PACKED. The first board that I tried posting on had about 6 inches thick of papers and flyers already layered on. My tacks couldn't even go through them all! The thought of posting these things in a public place with my name was embarassing enough. But then when I struggled, in broad daylight, out in public, with little 2x2 pictures that clearly aren't any "fine art", having them fly away in the wind, falling off the board, tacks piercing my little fingers ... I gave up. I tried moving on to an indoor bulletin board at the library but it didn't take me long to realize that stopping the flow of traffic from the masses of people who go in and out of there every day would result in pushing, shoving, and the muffling exchange of angry words. I just felt so frazzled that I couldn't do it.

But I perservered. I could not put this off any longer. My pictures are pretty, crafy, and meaninful. People should see them. They can't possibly do any harm (other than cause slight confusion). But either way, I have a right to post my free limited edition artwork on these overcrowded bulletin boards! Finally, attempt number 3 ... I found a space.
As you can see, there are pretty pictures and inspirational quotes on them. So once they were up, I was really really excited and proud, and I couldn't wait to go back to see if I may have had an imact on somebodys day, in some odd way or another. But when I did just a few hours later, the excitement quickly turned to sadness.
You see, other people wanted to post flyers on the bulletin board as well. But they did not come prepared with their own tacks like I did. These people would be the people who posted the "Human vs. Zombies" flyers.
Now I've never really bad talked this game before, even though I have plenty reason to. Like the fact that hundreds of 19-22 year old college "adults" are running around pretending to be zombies with nurf guns shooting sock bombs and marshmallows at the "humans" until everybody is "dead" across campus throughout the school day for almost a whole semester.... Yeaaaahhhhh.
BUT STILL ... I will not judge a whole community of people who play a game for fun and entertainment ... HOWEVER, I will now think lowly of all the humans and zombies because they are selfish, rude, and inconsiderate people/zombies who decided to take MY tacks off in order to post up THEIR flyer, and place it conviently right over mine so it was completely covered, while letting my limited edition artwork fall helplessly to the ground. All I'm trying to do is spread the love, and instead all they can think about is recruiting more people to kill and create zombies...
The very very very least they could have done was take my artwork like the sign kindly asked. As opposed to ignoring it completely and littering!
Anyway, I got them back. I took my tack back, put my pictures back up. And threw out their stupid flyer. Today I went back with one of my friends, and only about 4 of my pictures were left ... which would normally make me happy except that I'm a bit skeptical that some zombie was a jerk and just ripped them down and threw them out .... But that is totally not the point.
The point is I did it. And my friend that was with me thought it was cute, and was in full support of me. She took one that had a really great quote on it that I cut out of a magazine that said: "Imagine if everyday you just went for it knowing everyone had your back?"
Although this could be taken in many different contexts, in my particular case: it is because of friends like her and people who have my back, that I even went through all that effort over the past two days in the first place. I could have given up so many times because, lets face it .... its really just such a silly thing. Posting free "art work" drawn with sharpies ... by me. Hah. What? But I knew there would be a few people out there, like my friend, who supported me and don't think I'm crazy or stupid. And Im really glad I did it. Because it's making me happy. I'm laughing about the whole thing right now. I think it's actually really funny. And hopefully I'm entertaining some people out there reading this right, or many I made somebody smile once today when they read one of my quotes or took my picture. So thanks to all those who have my back.

And to any zombies out there - I support you having fun. I got your back. Do your thing, Im not judging because I don't want to be judged back for posting free pieces of paper or for blogging. Just don't ever rip down my pictures ever again. And don't litter. Okay? Thanks.

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